The COVID-19 crisis is brutally showing us how vulnerable we are to existential threats. There was crisis before the crisis — the stress on our health care professionals and the stress on communities who are impacted the most. And, there is an unconnected pandemic sweeping the planet — health impacts from the climate change and air pollution loop. We have the prescription — listening to science and stories, while making our voices heard, and supporting solutions prescribed by local communities can create a healing wave and a healthier planet for all of us. 
​​​​​​​“Planet Prescription” is a collaborative documentary film effort between filmmakers, healthcare professionals, communities, nonprofit organizations, and visionaries to offer hopeful solutions for humanistic healing. Filming took us around the Southeast to Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina. We listen to an epidemiologist, immunologist, pulmonologist, cardiac surgeon, internist, registered nurse, social worker, counselor, and pediatric pulmonologist. We follow healers where they work: at huge hospitals, community hospitals, an elementary school, a university wellness center, a doctor’s office in a mini mall, a Narrative Healthcare Symposium and a Mothers & Others for Clean Air Grand Rounds Training. 
Healthcare professionals are human yet driven daily to endure and keep track of phenomena and experiences most humans don’t even see in a lifetime. We need to make this work sustainable because the world needs healers. Listening and storytelling help the crisis of burnout in today’s medical field to heal healers
Healthcare professionals are witnesses with a unique perspective. We need to support them in listening to people in need, connecting the dots on impacts to our health, and informing representatives working to shape public policy. Listening and storytelling help healers connect science and stories to heal communities

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