Healing Communities
Healthcare practitioners are witnesses with a unique perspective. We need you to support them in listening to people in need, connecting the dots on climate and air pollution impacts to our health, and informing representatives working to shape public policy. 
Listening and storytelling help healers connect science and stories to heal communities.
Mothers & Others for Clean Air (MOCA) is a unique partnership of leading public health and child advocacy organizations. MOCA partners with medical and public health professionals as well as parents of children with asthma and those with chronic disease to advance public policy that will improve air quality and fight climate change in order to reduce the effects of air pollution on public health, especially children’s health. Laura Turner-Seydel and Stephanie Blank, two well-known Atlanta, Georgia moms concerned about the air their children and others were breathing, joined forces to do something about it. Laura and Stephanie, along with North Carolina-based MOCA Director Veronica Butcher, believe that education is a powerful tool for making changes to public policies to improve the quality of the air we breathe. 

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